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When dressing your child for school, please remember to check the weather and make sure he/she is dressed appropriately. The children do lots of messy, fun activities such as painting, using glue, markers, playing in sand and outdoor play.

Clothing also needs to be easily managed by the child. Please avoid belts, snaps or buttons if your child cannot manage them. Shorts or pants with an elastic waist are best. Footwear should be sturdy like closed toed rubber soled shoes that Velcro or zip.
Sandals or flip flops expose children’s toes to injury, so we strongly advise against them.

Each child should have a change of clothing, labeled with his/her name left at school in a zip lock bag. Please make sure this set of clothing is appropriate for the season. When a soiled set of clothing is sent home to be washed, please send a new set the following day.

If for any reason your child is sent home in a spare shirt or pair of pants, please wash and return them to the center.