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Daily Reports and Lesson Plans

Each day in most classrooms, you will receive a Daily Report that has details about your child’s day, including how they ate, slept, played, and what they learned. For younger children, the report includes information about diaper changes. Since everything about your child’s day cannot be put on paper, we encourage you to contact your child’s teacher if you have any specific questions.

Parent Information Board

This bulletin board in located in each classroom for the parent to review current information about the school, class projects and other topics of general interest.

Parent Teacher Conferences

You can expect regular, formal conferences with your child’s teacher. In the toddler rooms, conferences take place when your child moves up to the next room. In preschool rooms, expect conferences each Spring and Fall.

Parent Grievance Procedure

We encourage you to discuss any classroom issue with your child’s teacher if needed. We strive to provide the highest quality of care and education to the families we serve. We welcome parent input and will make every effort to resolve concerns.

However, we ask that concerns always be communicated in a professional and courteous manner and that all our staff be treated with the respect they deserve as partners with you in caring for your children. For concerns that require lengthy conversations, please schedule an appointment/conference with the teacher as well as the Director. If at any time you feel that issues are not being resolved, please feel free to talk to the Director. If the Director is not available to address your concerns immediately, an appointment will be made as soon as possible.

The relationship between parents and center staff is vital to the success of a child’s experience. A partnership must be formed with open communication and understanding that the development and growth of the child is our top priority.

*Whenever center policies or procedures are changed or updated, you will receive a written copy for your records.