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Each child enrolled at New Generation Child Care Center will receive one free week per year for vacation purposes. The following rules apply:
  • The child must have been enrolled at New Generation Child Care Center for at least 12 months to be eligible for the free week of vacation.
  • You have notified the Director or Assistant prior to the absence by filling out a “Vacation Notice” form and giving it to management at least two weeks before the vacation will be taken.
  • Your child is absent all 5 days in a single week (Monday – Friday). The child must be absent the entire week for the free week to be allowed. Discounts are not given on a per day basis.
  • Vacation credit cannot be carried over to the next year.
  • Accounts must be current and paid in full.

Your child’s vacation week may not be used within the two week notice period of your child’s disenrollment.

Family Referral Policy

A family that refers another family to New Generation Child Care Center, who enroll their child, is entitled to one (1) full week free tuition for one child after the new student has been enrolled for a minimum of six (6) weeks.