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Classes are formed primarily by age and placement is determined by developmental levels as well. We promote in accordance with the traditional school calendar. Children move up to the next level during the Summer, mid to late August and reviewed again in mid-January.


The following is a brief description of each of our programs. We also have more specific detailed program goals for each level that can be obtained by asking the Director. Our program strives to provide a balance between ground and individual activities, active times and quiet times, teacher-directed and child-directed activities, and between highly and loosely structured activities. We offer choices of developmentally appropriate activities and seek to foster a love for “creating a learning environment”.

New Generation Child Care Center has chosen to use a proven educational curriculum Reading Mastery and Frog Street for the following reasons and results. Also, it is our goal along with the Reading Mastery and Frog Street curriculum to teach the children in developing the following character and behavior traits:

  • Respect authority
  • Pay attention to instructions
  • Obey willingly and appropriately
  • Apply themselves to complete their work assigned
  • Learn the rules and apply them
  • Do their best always
  • Develop habits of orderliness, honesty, cooperation, self-control, attentiveness, fairness, confidence, responsibility, discipline, helpfulness, neatness, patience, good judgment, and self-respect.

Our curriculum is carefully designed to meet each child’s individual needs. We involve all our chiildren froms ages 18 months – 5 years old in a structured, interactive and academic setting. We believe that no child is too young to learn with developmentally appropriate activities.

Begin your child’s formative education at our school today. Enroll him/her to be a part New Generation Child Care Center. We hope that your time at our school will be a happy and exciting experience for both you and your child.