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Even in the highest quality preschools, accidents and incidents can and do happen as children explore the world around them.

Many precautions are taken to ensure a safe environment including routine staffing that exceeds the minimum state standards. If an incident or injury occurs, first aid is administered and an “Incident Report” is filled out. You will sign a copy upon pick-up. This report will describe the nature of the incident and the follow-up care that was provided. Please understand that in a group-care setting, we do witness most incidents, but occasionally, there may be an incident we do not see. Our teachers simply cannot see everything.

If your expectation is that your child will never have any accidents while under our care and that we will see everything, then your expectations of what can be accomplished in a group-care setting may be unrealistic. One-on-one care (i.e. a nanny) may be the best for your family. Please see our Director if you have any concerns about this matter.