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Pre-School (4 Year Olds)

Preschool children love to learn new information and master new tasks. Our program (Fireflies Curriculum) is designed to facilitate this learning through many self-directed experiences. Throughout the day, children have opportunities to explore the learning centers within their classrooms. Each learning center enhances the child’s core components of development: socio-emotional, language, cognitive, physical, and aesthetic. The curriculum enhances the learning centers through a thematic approach.

Children have many opportunities to see how reading and writing are useful before they are instructed in letter names, sounds, and word identification. An abundance of these experiences provides children with opportunities to develop language and literacy skills.

Physical development needs are met daily with opportunities to use large muscles, including running, jumping, and balancing. Small muscle skills will be strengthened through play activities such as puzzles, painting, and cutting.

We have designed our preschool program to be part of a nurturing and loving environment where your child is our number one priority. When children receive warm, responsive care, they feel safe and secure.